Our objective at Handicappingexperts.com is to provide you with the most valuable sports information available on a daily basis. If you wager once a year or four times a day, we guarantee to provide you with the best wagering advice and tools.We offer comprehensive audio breakdowns with the best advice to optimize your revenue and subscription services. Our overall mission is to help you with your long - term goals, through the use of the most current sports information in the world. We value your patronage and if you need anything explained or have a question please contact us by submitting at Handicappingexperts.com or call us at 1800 499 FREE! That's 1800 499 3733!          • Rick Mason, host of Handicapping Experts Radio Show is one of the largest sports bettors in the world.          • Rick's mission as a professional sports bettor is to maintain great relationships and create new sources through the use of his show.         • Rick's 2012 record - 114-36 NFL&NCAAF          • Rick has been a professional sports bettor, since 1989.          • Rick only invites sources on his show that make him money first.         • Rick invites handicappers that specialize in specific conferences. This type of diversity is what makes Ricks show the number one sports betting radio show on the air.          • Saturday -    Reno 11a KPLY     LA 11A KLAC     Atlanta 8A WQXI     Hawaii 1P KHKA     Little Rock 8A 12P KABZ     Albany GA 9A WGPC     Abilene 8A KTLT     Amarillo 9A KPUR     Columbia 9A WISW     Toledo 8A WLQR          • Sunday -   Sacramento 11A KHTK   San Fran 10A KNBR   Hawaii 12P   Atlanta 8A   Reno 11A   San Diego 11A XESPN          • Rick started his Radio show in 2002 ... Rick's credentials speak for themselves.... Each Handicapper Rick endorses at handicappingexperts.com has a proven and documented track record and will continue to be monitored closely while part of this elite consortium.        About Adam,     Adam Zinn's knowledge and experience is clearly second to none. Adam started in the sports business in 1993 working for executive players club and within a few months, because of his connections and business know how, moved into management and was recognized as a top player in the company. Adam, after establishing himself as one of the world's best handicappers, recognized the only way to be number one was to enhance his ability to manage his customer's portfolios. Adam new the commitment would be overwhelming so took a two year hiatus from the business and became a licensed financial advisor and a principal of a first union securities branch. After achieving his goals as a financial advisor he came back to the sports arena with a vengeance. Adam at this point felt, the best way to dominate his competition was to move to Las Vegas. Adam moved out to Las Vegas in 2004 and spent the last 6 years creating some of the most well developed connections in the industry. Adam's talent for picking winners and the education he received as a licensed advisor is the combination that every handicapper wants to emulate. Adam has been known to move 6 figure numbers while living in Las Vegas and has finished in the top 5 of the prestigious Hilton Sports book-handicapping contest. Adam also is known as a poker player and has competed against the world's best with many finishes in both WSOP and WPT events. Adam also is a well-respected sports radio personality as it relates to sports betting. He has appeared many times on the John Riggins show in D.C. and with Irv and Joe in Denver, Anita Marks in Baltimore and Steve Hartman in L.A., just to name a few! ? Adam now is considered to be one of the best and has now capitalized by becoming part of handicapping experts.com consortium of information sources. ?Blowoutwinner.com is now proud to have Adam full time and is looking forward to implementing his profitable techniques and strategies. Now more than ever people will have the luxury of receiving, what we feel, is the greatest addition ever instituted into the Blowoutwinner.com rotation of sports analysts.          About George Romanelli     The True Insider     Its not what you know, or who you know. Its both. George Romanelli is a veteran information provider/sports handicapper/money manager/networking profesional/every day guy. Yeah, that's a lot of titles for someone making a fortune betting on sports, but it takes all of the above to be successful. Geoorge has been a part of the sports gambling world his entire life. Being a sports aficionado and professional gambler has been ingrained in his blood. His father was the late great Antonio Romanelli. Antonio was the information provider to the stars! Anyone who was anyone went to Antonio because of his wealth of knowledge and contacts to give them the edge on any given match up. So, needless to say that all of thisdidn't rub off on George is an understatement. George started profiting byexploiting his fathers contacts and started providing information to someof the biggest information providers in the world! From former professional athletes, big name personalities and your everyday sports gamblers, George takes care of them all. With his signature Exclusive Lock Service George has found the precious code to unlock the vaults of every sports book in the world. George is what many call The True Insider because he frankly gets the information the sports books do not even know exists thus giving everyone who works with him the ability to put their bankrolls way over the top.

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